Sunday, April 12, 2009

We're back! First topic - the NS Training Prog


We're back with more hard-hitting topics, 12th April 2009. I will be tackling the delicate subject matter of National Service: has it achieved its objectives?

The NS Training Programme has consistently blown its budget, costing the government more than half a billion ringgit each year. Is it money well spent or money down the drain? In its 5 years, there have been over a dozen deaths of NS trainees. Still, neither guest would advocate that this programme be scrapped. Reviewed, yes. But not removed completely. Both said that it’s essentially a noble idea that’s simply flawed in its implementation. That may be true. But would you risk your child’s life in a programme in which its success has not even been truly measured

We've taped the show already due to requirements imposed by SKMM so unfortunately, I won't be able to pose any questions that you send.

Our next episode will be on the hot-button topic of the NEP. We were hoping to secure Umno Youth Chief and Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin to appear on the show but he was unable to do so due to prior commitments. We will however have Tony Pua, MP for PJ Utara and Dr Marzuki Mohd, from the International Islamic University.

I'd would love to hear questions and feedback that I can pose to our guests so send your comments this way.

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  1. lets call back a little bit , 5 years ago they said that they wanted to enhanced the youth with patriotism but for me the objective is nonsense,let think the PENDIDIKAN MORAL in the scholl hav been operated so long ago and one more the objective is oso enhanced the patriotism among malaysia but look, malaysian were been teach since small to be patriotic but the result is not that satisfying oso,jus imagine over 12 years of study our malaysian are still not patriotic ,can they really archive wat they wan ?can they really bear patriotisme in the youth,for me the answer is NO.therefore i think the NS should be changed into a more efficient programe to enhance patriotism among youth so that the money given away is worth it.