Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is sports in Malaysia on the decline?

Shebby Singh, Football pundit
Datuk Dr. Ramlan Aziz, Director-General, National Sports Institute

It's all well and good to be proud of Nicol David but can we really lay claim to her? Did she become a world champion because of the system or despite it?

So, Shahidan Kassim withdrew from contesting for the presidency of the Olympic Council of Malaysia. Should politicians be involved in heading sports associations anyway?

National cyclists preferring to train with their own teams rather than with national coaches. Apparently, the methods used are "ketinggalan zaman".

Ah, if only the Minister could have made it to the programme.

Thank you to Randhir Singh and Rizal Hashim for very patiently answering my questions. But thanks most of all to Sleme for his insights into the world of cycling. M Insider may not publish your comments but I will. Just remember, if you want me to run in the Malakoff event, you'd better not be too nasty to me.

Next week: It's the economy, stupid.

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